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Last week, Minister Eamon Ryan thanked the school strikers for all of our work, which he says has lead up to the version of the climate bill which is now being proposed. The problem with the Irish Government’s newly amended version of the climate bill (more formally known as the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development (Amendment) Bill 2021) is that it is a step forward, it is better than what was passed in 2015, and it is better than the previous draft that was released in the Autumn. …

On the frustration of living in crisis mode when no one else is.

I never thought it would be possible to miss a pavement, but having spent so much damn time sitting on the concrete paving slabs outside Cork City Hall, I do find myself missing them. I have spent what feels like years of my life with my back pressed against those railings, hugging a placard to my knees, squinting to read something on my phone, or huddling with six or seven others under a makeshift shelter of too few umbrellas, watching the raindrops make the paving stones sparkle. …


18 year old climate justice activist and organiser. Just here because Twitter’s character limit doesn’t let me properly express my ramblings

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